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#09: here is the obligatory post where we xpost our gross shitty art from tumblr

AND THEN YOU ALL LOSE ANY RESPECT YOU COULD HAVE HAD FOR US (the joke is that if not already you should have done that a very long time ago. for shame, people, having RESPECT for someone)

working design of a main character from a thing we keep meaning to write but never start. might be changed idk. so this kids name is kes and they're a real life insectoid-avian? alien from outer space beep boop. they were born on earth due to falling down there in 'egg' form and they live in the mountains or maybe the countryside with a young human guy called ellis who has chosen to separate himself from society in general as best he can bc he doesnt like it. they fall in love i guess or maybe they just sometimes have sex

kes looks at the stars @ night and even though they don't know what they're really like and have never been home they get a longing to 'go back' to it all the same. sometimes their skin kind of itches a little like their bones are going to just suddenly tear out of it

they don't like to admit it often but they're pretty lonely

i like bruises i like blood i like eyepatches but i actually cant draw any of them. talentless pervert, a shameful pervert

one time we tried to draw a self portrait and this happened nnn as you can see we don't quite understand how self portraits work. what are self portraits? we just don't know

oh this is a bit old??? like two nearly three months i think huh. we still kind of like it a little though (ftr he has hooves)

so um these ones im linking bc they all contain vomit (i mean not necessarily very much but it's still there) oh no how did that happen 0_0 anyway:

this also was intended as a self-portrait i think??? seriously how the fuck do those things work

vriska vomits and also doesn't look very much like vriska, oops. also we drew this for one of our boyfriends as an act of affection!!!! fun fact

a catdude throws up a lot in an absurdly straight line while a monster boy licks his hand and another guy licks at the grossness, everything is terrible ps we also drew this for boyfriendo! the puking one is meant to be him. he said he loves us v excitedly after we showed him it. god im so glad we're space married

conclusion: we cant art, MYTH BUSTED i think we may have at least improved a little bit in the past few months though?! hmm who knows

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YES YOU CAN ART i really like these!! +__+ i like thin, scratchy lines

the first one is my favorite, i like this kes uwu ♥

but, also love the last, with hooves and the skull (slash mask?)

you should so post these more often, v. v. cool stuff, and tell us about your original characters!!

[personal profile] ex_dollars308 2012-01-27 09:54 pm (UTC)(link)
i def know what you mean! 0_0;;; i like the loose and alive but also sort of delicate or withering, feeling of thin scratchy lines. big bold heavy ones are just unpleasant, too much for me to handle!

ooh thank you, ahh noah your writing is always a treat ;w;♥ (ikr darn. i am always moving and deleting but losing the messages is always a huge downside, yeah ;A;)

i certainly do +__+ people's original characters is legit a fandom for me I MEAN IT...

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(LMAO NOAH dhdfsjf i think it definitely shows how he is though, he looks withered and ill)

i like it with the ponytail, personally!! :0a oooh he reminds me of a character i have, who is a bit like that... undernourished and underwear unu well, i think ellis is intriguing and also i feel bad for him :[ does he know kes? why does he hide away? (not that i blame him l..ol....weeping)

i want to know more, if you want to talk about it any time!

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i like to think that they do too u_u i hope!! just, it'd be nice if they did. but not bad if they didn't. i think

omg this is the kind of story i like. that's really cool, i like the living under the floor thing, it's so creepy in a good way. i like kes' species. I LIKE EVERYTHING sdjkf but i mean it, this is really cool and i can actually relate to both of them--

especially ellis' (is that how you type it, with the apostrophe on the end? so bad at my native language lmao) reasons for living alone (as it's what i want to do one day-- the thoreau life hoohoo)
tough love was the worst idea anyone ever had

actually getting emotionally invested in both of them now noah...whyamilikethis......if this were a book or a movie or something i'd definitely have it as one of my favorites! dang maybe i'm too much of a fandom person unu;;;