Mar. 23rd, 2012

jadesprite: (komm süsser tod)
this week we are hopefully joining a micronation
as founded by an acquaintance of ours on tumblr (dorsum-oppel; indeed a lovely creature)

it is known as the kingdom of new mare-crissium

so there goes one of our 'things to do in this lifetime' already! citizenship of a micronation. a novelty true but a dear one. perhaps we will be real royalty one day...!!! ahh a monster can dream.  (◡‿◡✿)

anyway riley left for some con he was going to this morning. he says he'll have some time to get online tonight but he might end up being so tired out from things today that he'll just go straight to bed so i guess we shouldn't get our hopes up ;^^^; we're already so lonely oh no!! and its only the first day aaaa i think it's a long weekend kind of thing... what are we gonna dooo ugh we're like a sad little puppy waiting for its owner to come back, how vile

courtney called it cute but courtney is WRONG

ps tumblr says you cant hoard urls anymore im v sad. time to delete a lot of things i guess


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