Jan. 8th, 2012

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some shitty ten minutes stream of consciousness writing i guess. theres some story to it in a way but its very little and i think its better without anyway

content warning: slightly gory imagery, nsfw, consent issues [basically sex with a sentient object; robotic] )

let's horribly break pokemon blue. basically something between a normal lp and a TAS (tas'd, losers)? i mean it's an lp but not of blue, more of the glitches in blue and dang is there a lot of them. it's all about glitch pokes and glitch items and why these things actually exist in the code and why the event flags to trigger them are what they are, interesting stuff even if we didn't quite get all of it but w/e!! also entertaining. glitches are a bit unreasonably fascinating to us ngl, i like watching games be broken open in this way, seeing programming fucked with and exploited and idk its just interesting somehow!

i think they're actually kind of pretty, in a way, too. seeing graphics deteriorate and mess up is a whole other level of cool to us on its own because i know its the stupidest thing but we're really interested in what people see in those kinds of things! and the colours and the shapes and all the strange jolted flickery movement to it -- it's a weird feeling, the way we perceive it. idk if we really have synaesthesia (and i'm wary to self-diagnose ourself with anything at all) but if we do then this shit makes it go wild. it's kind of like music to us. static and inversion and colour-bars, like they always say you used to get on tvs but i swear i dont remember ever seeing them at all maybe it was before my time? but like that yeah it just sounds and feels of so many different things, all of it, and together with every combination there are different results and it's really amazing sometimes idk

"i see songs in shapes and colours: like nuclear physics or pottery ovens, fluid lines that soar like towers"


i swear i'm having one of those nights where just everything i say comes out sounding stream-of-consciousness or weirdly detached in some way but it's really not intentional and we're not feeling out of it or anything??? dang. anyway um night dw! we're off to bed in a bit, see you tomorrow maybe i guessss. sleep well and have a good night everyone!!


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