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#25: thanks, ants. thants.

w-woah, it has been some time since we last used this thing 0x0 i'm sorry dreamwidth! we have just been a bit busy and tumblr is easier to use with less time/a shorter attention span

a lot of stuff happened last month, umm... we turned 16 for one!! and broke off with riley but its ok. its a long story and kind of messy and i'm hardly over him yet but i think its going to start getting better. we still have mint and also sofia now!! sofia is poppyspine at tumblr and she is a sweetheart and i hope things will continue to go well with her uvu also, um, peachy but ahhhaha i'm getting shy so lets leave that for another day

oh ive been writing a LOT too!! mostly original prose things which is nice -- i am seriously considering trying to chase up this dream we have of getting published, some day, so please wish us luck with that!!! ah and also we joined up for HSO, on jade<3aradia, and the first round ends tomorrow and we have something to actually show for it which is AWESOME. i was panicking a bit and worrying that we alone would let the whole team down but together we have managed pretty well actually and i am really looking forward to the next round now that everythings looking a bit less terrifying, haha

and lastly we moved tumblr because i was getting a bit restless and wanted a fresh start; our most recent url is tarasque although we're actually taking a break from tumblr altogether for the week so eh. i'll see you there again in a few days!

ok i think thats everything important on our end
how have you been dreamwidth...

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i know you will make that dream a reality! i wish you all the luck in the world...♥ and if you ever need help or advice, you can ask me! i am not familiar with publishing but i'll start reading up on it and maybe be able to provide some assistance now and then??

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john_egbert: Delicious. (Zombies are the coolest! :B)

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Ahh, good to hear from you, and happy late sixteenth birthday! Tumblr moves a little fast for me, so I'm really glad to see you on Dremawidth. :) And good luck on publishing- I love your style, (it's very evocative and unique) so I think if you really work for it you can definitely achieve your dream!