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#19: childish scribbles

a phoenix-beast and a human boy awkwardly touch faces (and also some booty is v discreetly felt up. get it boid)... its sooort of meant to be riley & us but shhh thats embarrassing so lets pretend its not ok? ok. but really though yeah it is u_u lmao we drew it in return for riley making this set on polyvore recently of how he saw us and it was the cutest thing and its here and maybe we cried a little when we saw it for reasons im not sure of. i guess we were happy because the person we love more than anything atm sees us exactly how we want to be seen -- almost a fantastical creature. a sweet little unreal thing carrying traces of nonhumanity. so that's what this drawing was meant to mean i guess...? god when did we get this gay

"Irate crow boy who wears glasses and hates Crack"

messed around w the monster person generator and took note of some of our favourites that we got (' _ ' *) only done this and the one below so far but we're aiming to at least speed sketch all of them!!!! draw draw draw gotta go fast im on a streak of working and i dont want to let it pass by until we've got every little bit of productivity out of it that we can!!!!!!

“Deadly stomach mouth girl who wears stockings and likes Name”

god what fucking garbage [warning for #cannibalism and #violence in the description below btw]

an improvised new oc of ours i guess lmao -- her name is venus, obv, she gave it to herself after the venus flytrap because she got stomach mouth goin on down there and is a little obsessed with it oh no!!!! maybe she views herself as a demon deity type put on earth. hmm. i think now and again people come to her wanting to sacrifice body parts of theirs to the GREAT AND GLORIOUS STOMACH MOUTH in willing reverence and she gives them her blessings in return, a benevolent goddess (◡‿◡✿) also a hungry one

we kind of like her already i think mmm maybe we'll try something more with her...




http://chanarchive.org/4chan/x/29859/sup-x-give-me-all-your-infos-mass-informational-thread-go: probably a lot of bullshit in here but maybe some interesting stuff too. remember to go back and look through properly later when less tired

http://chanarchive.org/4chan/x/34121/paranormal-info-dump: same goes for this

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omg perfect entry, i love how you color, Venus is my favorite, and i can't wait to go through these links
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[personal profile] john_egbert 2012-03-17 10:43 pm (UTC)(link)
I love your art!

[personal profile] martyr 2012-03-18 01:34 am (UTC)(link)
this whole post is so kawaii noah. ;w; you and riley are just my otp. ;w;

and i wanna know more about venus, write some stories with her! >:3


"Insane fairy boy who wears complicated dresses and needs Damage"

it's like it was catering specifically to me. ;w; gonna just... go doodle him a bit...

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ahhh noah, i love your art <333