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#14: this is how an angel dies

at our sisters rn -- it's her birthday and a lot of family is here, some of her boyfriend dave's and we don't even know them all so we're really nervous. we're hiding out away in the bathroom at the moment but we're going to try not to just spend the entire day in here, ugh

using dw on mobile is really hard so let's keep this fairly short!! wanted to write more to this but oh well maybe later

i have been having dreams or maybe memories with a consistent theme to them of ferrying the dead. i said, once, that we would like to in an abstract sense be some sort of reaper -- not taking souls, not always, not for everyone but i think we'd like to help them along at least. we feel such an odd connection with the dead. cultural necrophilia don't they say? it is something like that i guess. but instead of the large deaths we find ourself fascinated by the small ones. we want to take everyone we know that fears their own mortality and at The End we would like to peel back their skin for them like maybe helping some young person do up the zipper of their dress where they cannot quite reach it between their shoulderblades, just like that, so easy. oh love there is a bruise on your back, a real awful thing, and in a moment like that we'll just pick off the colouring and leave your skin fresh and clean again. it'll be alright.

we want to pry out people's souls and let them move smoothly, we want to draw out each path in the earth and light for each person, the roads from their Ends to their Beginnings. we look at bodies like prisons and cages and we think of people leaving them and we think of: showing them their own freedom, being a revolutionary of the dead, not an anarchist for there is nothing really to overthrow here but more we want to show them that, the lack of walls. people live fenced-in and squared off and i think when presented with utter genuine freedom it's not something we can really understand, any of us. but we want to learn how to understand with them. you are free now don't you see? all your mortal walls and boundaries and mortal chains around your ankles and mortal concrete-feet -- they are gone now. maybe we'll have to take you back to them in the end in some form or another but for now let's just be free.

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