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#12: the king of bullshit mountain


hey dw! got our hair cut the other day. this is the first time we've had anything like a side/under-cut or properly shaved hair anywhere at all so we were really nervous?! but it worked out well enough. we're v happy with it u-w-u we're hoping to maybe get it dyed at some point... it'll probably be a while til then but we want to think it out a lot before getting anything done for real so it's ok!! we're not sure what colour we'd want. maybe blonde? but that seems kind of plain, maybe boring. turquoise-blue is really nice but then we're worried that that's too extreme the other way oh nooo

we'll probably be too chicken to get it done for a long time even when we do have the money for it so oh well doesn't really matter. IT'S A NICE THOUGHT THOUGH sighs

+ we want to get our ears pierced again some day. we're too scared of needles and the like for the thought of piercings p much anywhere else or GOD FORBID tattoos (shakes in boots) but ears seem safe enough right!!! we used to have them done a few years ago but they closed up while we weren't looking. i think if we get them again we might want just one ear...? well get them both pierced but only actually put a thing in one of them. idk is that stupid and metrosexual looking enough. we wnat to be so stupid and metrosexual looking all the time oh my god you have no idea GOD!!! I WISH WE WERENT TOO EXPLICITLY EXTERNALLY FEMININE FOR TRUE ANDROGYNY... cries sighs and cries

vile self-absorbed appearance blogging 2k12. punch us, punch us right in the face

identity things: here is the CHEAT SEHET
our preferred pronouns are zie/zir (on their own or in alternation with he/him/his), our preferred name is noah, our preferred honorific is mx. (in the vein of mr mrs etc i mean), the umm general terms of reference i guess that we are comfortable w/ are in no particular entity or person or being (all singular)

psst you should all tell us your preferred words or w/e!!! if you are comfortable with it of course. these things are always good to know *_*

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