jadesprite: (height of fashion)
rotten kid ([personal profile] jadesprite) wrote2012-07-29 03:07 am

#28: by your hand

ahoy-hoy dreamwidth! err i have been plagued with hella sucky drama this week unfortunately but lets not even talk about that. right now i am reminiscing with oneechan about sailor moon x dbz hentais and also watching videos of PARLOR ROLLER PIGEONS that denzel is linking to us and trying not to shriek but oh my god these are literally birds that ROLL? they do not fly they are the only flightless breed of pigeon in existence and they ROLL. jesus christ i love pigeons so much. every pigeon. i love them all

oh and we finally watched avatar the last airbender this month! with charlotte (our darling qpp from tumblr), although it was a rewatch for her/. thoughts: i love uzko so much and also everybody else but ESPECIALLY ZUKO... zukaang otp btw

nek just hit us up asking if jedward were conjoined twins or not
apparently theyd been under the impression that they were for several weeks now
they sounded very disappointed and extremely confused when i told them no

so how have you guys been

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