jadesprite: (↪ your flesh that i wear)
rotten kid ([personal profile] jadesprite) wrote2012-03-10 11:56 pm

#18: green sun

ahh i want to draw so much lately
it's good that we're feeling inspired again but we have a lot we ought to write!! why do we only want to draw when we should be writing and vice-versa

http://cosmian.tumblr.com/post/19075675762/ heres something we finished off earlier-- genderqueer jade is one of our big sincere homestuck headcanons forever lmfao and jade/aradia is our favourite ship tbh so i guess we're glad that we got something done for both of them even if its not great. we're ok with it though, just not 100% satisfied but really who ever is with anything... and it does feel good to actually get things complete and posted i'll admit

we need to figure out how to get that old tablet our stepdads letting us have actually connected to this laptop when its without a disk drive and therefore obv is incompatible with the installation cd hmm. hmhmmmm. he said we can d/l another program for it off their site as a stand-in which we did but it still refuses to work oh no ?>? im an anxious bird and technology is frightening and confusing cacaw cacaw

oh and we ordered a delinquent-style surgical mask off someone on etsy a little while back and it finally came today
a bit big for us and more pink than red as we thought it would be but v cute nonetheless!
idk if we suit it though

[ btw im v sorry to bother you guys with all this constant changing around of terms related to identity and that ahhh but: http://cosmian.tumblr.com/post/18956168465/ please read this if it's not too much bother it's a little important i guess (the gist is please use neutral pronouns for us from now on; i think we'd feel more comfortable with it) ]

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