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#10: say can't you see? the outside is a lie.

from narutaru which is a really good manga!! starts off seemingly light-hearted and shoujo-orientated action but dives pretty quickly into the deeper depressing story-motivated josei end of the scale. a lot of themes about the place of human society in relation to nature and how they co-exist, how the worth of a person's morality or 'right to exist' is measured, things like that. v interesting. (@ennis if you see! -- have you ever read this by any chance? it seems potentially really up your alley, dang. we keep meaning to ask you but never get round to it.)

"behind the pain
someone is rejoicing

behind the torture
there is love

who’s going to buy
this bullshit

if you don’t become the ocean
you’ll be seasick
every day."

we really love leonard cohen. it's probably clichéd at this point, probably too mainstream, but his poetry was the first we ever really got into
and although i doubt it'll be the last we'll likely still like it for a very long time! it's strange to think of how old he is now, actually. we're too used to reading about poets and artists and all the like dying young...

oh and. we're hesitant to post this here out of shyness but it is writing of a sort and definitely personal so...!! i guess it belongs with all the rest. we were going to do something like this on valentines day (hhhh) but riley came back from the con today and we got a really gross awful burst of inspiration talking to him, oh no! so this happened. found poetry as taken from our msn history w/ him, i guess. found poetry and what we found was homosexuality

you have the privilege of being a permanent resident
in our household—
why do i need to go anywhere?
everything i could ever need is right here at home

maybe it’s better this way, it’ll scare away any undesirable people
people who think it should be ‘the way’, the one way
but those people are wrong

im not sure if i can love people, maybe not the right way
but still???? i love you!
i dont know if im good for you but i love you
if its ok?

i definitely love you
in small ways but still there
wanting to show you the stars and everything

what does that mean?
“fuck if i know”
we have no experience with this you see

i guess i should ask though, and be honest:
riley are you okay
dont you ever regret it? us?

works for me
i love you. (you too.) i love you so much it hurts.

be safe, alright?

(weird, weird and gay

really gay is just how i like it!
you’re gayer

yeah okay true. well dang, i’ll stop.
my brother my king
goodnight. <3)

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