jadesprite: (↪ so tired of drawing breath)
rotten kid ([personal profile] jadesprite) wrote2012-01-23 09:48 pm

#08: i think we may have a problem


SO I SAW DW HAS CODE-FREE REGISTRATION OPEN TO ALL RIGHT NOW AND oh dw do you know what you have done. oh oh dreamwidth. we just cannot stop taking usernames though!! we are going drunk with power, username power. i don't know what we would ever even do with most of these but they are really nice to have around i guess. check em out! what a dang good list.

ps: we have them split in sections of how easily we would give them away but! if we know you then sure ok you are entitled to a freebie or two regardless of where they are on the list, so if you see anything you like but have nothing to trade then w/e w/e just ask anyway. NOT IF IT'S ON THE NEVER TRADE BIT THOUGH. WE ARE NEVER DROPPING THEM EVER. YOU MAY HAVE INFERRED THIS FROM THE NAME BUT WE FELT THE NEED TO RESTATE IT JUST IN CASE

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