Jan. 4th, 2012

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HEY i'm blogging!!! look at me, i'm fucking blogging. on an actual blogging platform and everything. man i haven't done this in ages! what do you even blog about i can't remember. right now it's about noon and i'm just sitting around in my pajamas listening to the libertines and being slightly shocked that i'm still awake when i got up at six in the morning. you could almost call it reasonable. maybe i should actually have something like breakfast sooner or later? yeah that sounds like a thing to do.

hmmm oh!! katawa shoujo was released today wasn't it!!! finally. thought it'd never happen tbh but look who was wrong. this dude, that's who. like super wrong. maybe i should have humble pie for breakfast that's how wrong i was. ANYWAY haven't gotten to play yet because i'll have to wait for the ddl and currently all that's up is the torrent, but hopefully it won't be long! still not sure what path i'm gonna go for (i pretty much ship all the girls with each other in some way as opposed to with hisao? oops) but whatever.

+ ladystuck works were revealed yesterday -- i couldn't get anything done for my actual assignment and defaulted on it a while ago, sadly, but i did manage to get two bonus things done as part of the treats collection!! sdfghjk it's all under anon for now but if you know my style of writing & taste in ships at all then you'll probably be able to wager v good guesses as to which ones are mine... maybe shouldn't say if you do though?shhh u_u

+ have an appointment to finally get a bank account opened sometime this week apparently? which is good, v good, means we can start putting away money for riley's trip soon nwn so far we have, um, £300 exactly, i think! most all from christmas, from various relatives. i think that's a pretty good start, right... i'm really uncharacteristically optimistic about this ngl!!! GONNA SEE ONE OF MY PARTNERS THIS YEAR IF IT KILLS ME OK. and might ask on tumblr for people to chip in a bit, if i can get over feeling so weird and gross about it, i guess. w/e w/e

+ i'm now listening to gay bar by electric 6. god. god what a good song

ok that's it for right now i guess. ok. hey & hope you're all having a good morning! <3


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